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Charles Frith

Awesome post, although some might argue that Rand's novel's are more a treatise on objectivism than just entertainment ;)

Jeffre Jackson

My impression is that each of them is a thousand treatises on objectivism which happen to be bound in a single cover.

It also seems she has a lot of nerd fans. I wonder if it's because she feeds their/our "I should be able to dominate the world with my mind" fantasies.


Hypothesis confirmed: Rush IS a secret handshake.

Before reading this post I had never heard of the band. Today I was also talking about art and music with a client and he also mentioned a list of bands, including Rush.

From that moment on, the conversation was only about my conversion to Rush:

How I had to start with Moving Pictures.
That appreciating Geddy Lee's voice may take time.
And he described the last concert they gave in Ahoy ("Great atmosphere, awful acoustics.").

Now, if you excuse me, Moving Pictures has finished downloading. If I must believe you all, my new life will start right.. now.

Charles Frith

Not to be pernickety but I always viewed objectivism as a way to dominate my mind with my mind. A problem for those of us who are easily distracted.

World domination I'll leave to others more suitable to the task ;)

Jeffre Jackson

I think it's a tossup between starting with Moving Pictures or Permanent Waves. And you may be disappointed in any case. I think Rush imprints better on teens, who are hormonally suited to word domination.


What is the deal with world domination, guys?

btw, Jeffre, did you tell the photographer that we don't eat our herring by the tail in Amsterdam?

Jeffre Jackson

Yes, in fact, we had to ask specifically for them to leave the tails on. (I usually have it cut up with onion and pickle. Sometimes in a broodje.) But he wanted the iconic eating by the tail shot.

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