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Jeffre - I saw the movie last month. It was great and I agree whole heartidly. This trend of going back to the beginning has been going through Hollywood for a few years now. Batman: The Beginning is the other most recent example I can think of and it had the same effectiveness as Casino Royal. It looks like they are coming out with a movie called "Hannibal" to show how how that character developed.

You see this trend in branding/advertising too - get back to the roots and essence of the brand if its lost its way. Mr. Jobs has done this at appple since his return - innovative products that are beautifully designed and intuitive in use.

Jeffre Jackson

What would a brand "prequel" look like? Maybe a limited release of prototype products? Even if they're not functionally as good as the final release, some people would be interested just for what it tells you about the roots of the actual product.


Nice. Reminded me of something that Paul Budnitz, the founder of Kid Robot said at a conference recently. "Nostalgia is death." The point being that if all you do is redo the past as it was, you've actually avoided creative impulse. You're not being interesting, just...emotional? Anyway, the thing that's interesting about Casino Royale, et al, is the newness they bring to a known story, the reinterpretation. Bond goes from cocky jokester to dark monster.

By the by, Jeffrey, since your "interestingness" discussions, I've added a bookmark category to my web-browsing called "interesting." Sets the bar at quite a height. Thanks for that.

Jeffre Jackson

"Interesting" is a surprisingly high standard, isn't it? I think about it so much because the outstanding quality of most commercial messaging is that it simply doesn't interest me. It isn't worth the time it would take to think about it.

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