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Paul Wilson

You make an interesting point about what the Long Tail means for Blockbusters. And you're right we are seeing more slow-burn films emerging as people find out more about them through their filters - march of the penguins and the shawshank redemption are good examples.

But what does this mean if you have to launch a Blockbuster? The days of controlling the message are fast disappearing and we are in danger of getting stuck in spectacle hyper-inflation.

However, and this is where I was struggling with my own thinking, fragmenting a movie into multiple stories that appeal to different niches runs the risk of taking a sense of wonderment from the movie experience. Its the shared, communal experience that contributes to the power of a Blockbuster - few people go to the Cinema on their own and we all want to be able to talk about the latest big thing.

That's why I like your idea of looking for intersections between these niche interests. I think communications need to play a role in nuturing and building these sections of interest. Perhaps, this is why 'Pirates' has done so well. The whole theme of Pirates is so compelling it stretches across interest groups.

I need to think a bit more about this - and the air conditioning isn't working...

Jeffre Jackson

Yes, there is something...I don't know, unsatisfying, about multitrack marketing like the religious/secular campaigns for The Chronicles of Narnia. It seems to lessen the movie, making it more obviously a product rather than Maybe if they had found an intersection at an idea like "wonder"?

And as you say, a big part of blockbusterdom is being able to talk about it with lots of other people. But as spectacle inflation continues, there's less and less to say about a hit movie other than, "Wow!"

Richard Buchanan

Not if these guys have their way with music.


They have a computer program that(apparently)hears music like a human being. They also have run software that monitors how people behave with the new music on the web.

Type a song into the search bar. The result is strange! Like The music is being played through some kind of drain from hell!


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