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martin cole

hi jeffry.

i love this. overall, i would describe them as making progress playful.

if "new stuff" seems like a toy, we're more likely to break the seal - and try something. in my view, this is what makes these things useable to many people. some of like investigating craft tools - most of us like to piss about with neat toys.

now - is this because they remind us of when we were young (implication - they might be culturally specific, and chnage over time and childhood toys and experiences change. If you grew up with different toys, you'd have different references)


...do they appeal to something inherently playful (implication - they are shared by all people and enduring)?

Maybe it would be cool to look at the thinking that goes into tellytubbies, or spongebob. I know there's a lot of knowledge here.


ps - the new nintendo wii rules in this human playfulness. Very innovative. They are a great company.

Jeffre Jackson

Hey Martin. How are you doing?

I think "toy" says a lot about this visual style. It says that this product is simple, fun and you don't have to worry about breaking it.

Different cultures have different toys and tools, but I imagine the soft cartoon filter applied to any of them would have the same psychological effect. Which isn't to say that every culture would evaluate the effect positively. I can easily imagine some cultures, particularly some business cultures, that would call it "unserious" or "childish". Certainly I've seen enough focus groups reject playful work in those terms.

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