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Paul Wilson

Steve Harrison is a big fan of Gossage and often uses that quote - and he's also one of the most awarded creatives in DM.

I think the two facts may be related.

One of my favourite Gossage quotes (who is quoting Saki) is "When baiting a mousetrap with cheese, always leave room for the mouse." It's a reminder for us to leave space for others in our communications - and to read Saki more often.

I love the premise of your blog and look forward to seeing how it develops.

Gavin Heaton

I remember reading Peter Carey's "The Fat Man in History" and being astounded by his surrealist slant on short stories. I wondered where his imagination came from. Then I found out he ran an agency ...

Brands have been used to holding the reins of their stories for years. They like creative to remain on-message and targeted ... but times and stories are changing. Perhaps the new value of "creative" will be seen in work that lets the audience in, not work that is designed to keep them (us) out.


Very Interesting post. I have heard Gossage's quote before, but not that familar with the man.

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