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I do like the way you've given the institutional underdog a helping hand while at the same time cheered on the impending bloodbath of doctrinal purists.

Excellent post. Bit of luck the GOP are done and dusted, but I doubt it. Too much money there.

The Hidden Persuader

I've read recently an interesting book (if you're into sociology and politics themes) called "The Social Construction of Reality". The basic premise of the authors is that we (individuals) are the producers of social reality (ex. institutions like family, marriage, church, trade, etc.) but we're also the product of these institutions. The problem arises when the social producer stops being one and becomes only a product of the institutions he interacted and helped creating and maintaining.

Jeffre Jackson

Thanks for the book tip. I'll order it today!


this post is fucking epic. hats off to you, sir. thanks for pointing out the sexism in Dsouza and then finishing off with Joy Division.

this post made my day.

Jeffre Jackson

I'm happy to know that there are still people who share my '80s peeves and enthusiasms.

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